Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keyword Tutorisal part 2

This is part two of my keyword tutorial
In Part 1 (below) I gave the following example as homework

My method, and it may not be the only method or the best method, but it works for us, is to start with caption
Once the caption is in place the keywords usually materialize
So let's talk about the caption
there are conventions not quite so imposed by agents anymore.
For location I use country, city - some use continent, country, city
Not always is continent relevant for one thing everybody knows that Jordan is in Asia, and those that don't couldn't care less. Second if a search for Asia returns a picture of an Arabian Camel not sure that this is an image the buyer had in mind. for images of Thailand I would put Asia

Back on topic. We have a man jogging on a beach Age is important and should be taken from the model release. So we have
Man in his 30s jogs on beach. All in present tense
This is the minimum requirement, now let's think of what else is required. This was shot in Tel Aviv, so should we have Israel, Tel Aviv, Man in his 30s jogs on beach. ?
To tell you the truth, I am not sure, the same image could have been shot anywhere it is very generic. Would a buyer looking for an image of the Tel Aviv beach use this image? could a buyer looking for images from Italy use this image? On the other hand an editorial buyer may want to know this information. So yes probably worth the extra 2 words to put it in.

Next time we will go over the required keywords

Keep your comments and suggestions coming

Ilan Rosen

Thailand travel stock photos - Images by photostock-israel .