Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stock photography of Winter

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Secondly, I was planning a post about copyright abuse but as it is raining today I changed the topic to be winter and rain stock photography

You may not be aware of the fact but Israel isn't very rich in water (a large portion is desert). For the past 5 years our annual average rainfall was below average bringing on droughts and water rationing - the rationing by a levy on the price of water is imposed on households only. Farmers can still waste as much water as they want and pay very little - much less than the price paid by households. To be honest some farmers use very hi-tech efficient irrigation methods such as drip irrigation

The most spectacular result are desert flash floods

Some conceptional drought images

The dreaded Dead Sea Sink Holes

And now to some positive images of rain

Wishing us all a rainy winter
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Ilan Rosen

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stock Photography and keywording

By far the most challenging activity a stock photographer and especially a small stock agency has is the task of captioning and keywording images
Captioning is quite a lot of fun

We sit with various resources; books, dictionaries, on line resources and research each topic. The fun part is learning. We try to answer the relevant W questions in this part

Keywords on the other hand is more of an art than a task. When is enough enough?
Some keywording tips:
  1. Remember to use both American and UK spelling - Harbour / Harbor
  2. Remember to add words from American and UK English Trunk and boot spring to mind
  3. Plurals are needed at some outlets others do this automatically
  4. Various forms of the verbs used such as: run running
  5. Don't get carried away some words are more commonly is other meanings
  6. Spell check. This is probably the most important tip. I have seen way too many images ith incorrect spelling including images I got back from a keywording company - Never used that company again
Look at the following image carefully and tell me if you would order the dish

Summary: We don't use any bells and whistles software we use our brain. In one word THINK And we try to think as a buyer / researcher may think. For each relevant keyword we ask ourselves: Would this image be used for to represent that word or phrase. If there is a chair in the background would this be a good keyword to use? Probably not as the image will never be licensed for it's chair quality. That's the easy example, It becomes much more difficult with concept keywords

so here is the image to lead you down the right path

Hope this helps you all
Ilan Rosen

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Science stock Photography

I'm sitting in a cafe in Dizengoff street in Tel Aviv quite similar to

good coffee and watching city life go by Wish I could spend all my days like this but I have work to do

Back on Topic Science and technology stock photography
there are many types of Scientific stock images:
Conceptual science images

Objects, tools and equipment

Science in Action - the implementation of scientific tools in research

and some pretty affects

View our Scientific image slide show for an idia of what more we have

Science, Technology and medicine stock photography - Images by photostock-israel .

See you all again soon
Ilan Rosen

Friday, October 9, 2009

Archaeology stock photography

Israel is a wonderful place for archaology enthusiasts and scholars with many sites from different eras starting with prehistoric man and on to today
The three major religions have their roots deeply embedded in the holyland
We at photostock-Israel have a vast collection of stock images of historic and archaeological sites and religious sites
But no worry, we have stock images from historic sites from around the world as well

Archaeology Stock Photography - Images by photostock-israel .

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Agriculture stock photography

Israel is best known for a few thinks: mainly Religion, Military, and my favorite by far Agriculture

As religion stock photography was covered in a previous post And military stock photography will be covered in a future post with an emphasis on unique stock images of The Israeli Air Force IAF. In this post I wold like to talk a bit about Agriculture technology, methods, pest control, and more

We have quite an extensive collection of stock images of modern agriculture photography in our archives including

Irrigation methods

Dessert Farming stock photography

We also have images from other countries mainly Midwest USA and from primitive agricultural methods from Asia and Africa

As always, your comments are most welcome

following is a slide show of a small selection of our agriculture images
Feel free to copy the slideshow code and embed in your own website

Agriculture - Images by photostock-israel .