Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stock photography of Winter

Hi All

First of all thank you all for your emails and comments much appreciated
Secondly, I was planning a post about copyright abuse but as it is raining today I changed the topic to be winter and rain stock photography

You may not be aware of the fact but Israel isn't very rich in water (a large portion is desert). For the past 5 years our annual average rainfall was below average bringing on droughts and water rationing - the rationing by a levy on the price of water is imposed on households only. Farmers can still waste as much water as they want and pay very little - much less than the price paid by households. To be honest some farmers use very hi-tech efficient irrigation methods such as drip irrigation

The most spectacular result are desert flash floods

Some conceptional drought images

The dreaded Dead Sea Sink Holes

And now to some positive images of rain

Wishing us all a rainy winter
All The Best
Ilan Rosen

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