Thursday, February 4, 2010

An insight into regional cuisine

We at PhotoStock-Israel have identified food stock images as a possible niche with growth potential. Our original emphasis was on Jewish food photographs, Mideastern foods and local Israeli, Palestinian and Arab foods. But we also have in our archive general food images, Italian - Pasta and Pizza making baking and eating, Japanese - various types of Sushi, soups and servings, Indian and Western

But this is not the reason of this post, I wanted to tell you about a personal experience I had while shooting this lovely old grandmother preparing Kibbeh (from wiki: a Levantine Arab dish made of bulgur and chopped meat. The best-known variety is a torpedo-shaped fried croquette stuffed with minced beef or lamb.)

She complained about the labour intensive preparation of Aleppo and middle eastern foods It made me think Some cuisines are labour intensive while other are labour free - Goulash comes to mind

Just throw the ingredients into a pot and walk away. Her husband had the answer - Mideastern women where expected to stay at home (worse, they were and are sometimes forbidden from going out) and they had to find a way to entertain themselves while rural European peasants were expected to help in the field

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Ilan Rosen

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