Monday, November 22, 2010

wall art and photo gifts

Every home should have paintings or a prints on the wall. It is one way to display your likes and taste (and doubles to hide marks and holes)
As we specialize, we have a great selection of prints of Israel for sale holy places and landmarks and also abstract artwork prints and general topics

Now that high quality is so affordable it is also a wonderful way to thank somebody. Photo gifts have become very popular. You can find something for everybody
We supply paper prints in various finishes and rolled canvas and gallery wrapped canvas and postcard packs
Search our archive and select the image you want than just select the size and finish and it will be shipped to your (or friend's) door All shipping is from the US

prints of Israel for sale - Sea of Galilee

Prints of the Holy Land for sale Hagia Maria Sion Abbey (Dormition Abbey) Jerusalem

Abstract flowers - select by your required color scheme

This is just a small sample please search our archive or contact us at Sales at we are here to help

Suggested printing - Flowers - Images by photostock-israel .


  1. See the about us section for information on our photo to canvas printing process and advice for getting the best results from your photo on canvas.
    Photo canvas

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