Friday, November 6, 2009

Anthropology stock photography

From a past life I have a great interest in anthropology
A lot of my personal work is based on the Participating Observer principle. Working a lot with our local subcultures This could be an interesting future post

We are now in the process of collecting anthropology stock images from around the world. we currently have a good coverage of stock images Africa and some coverage of stock images of Asia and Central America

A slide show of some of out anthropology images

Anthropology stock photography - Images by photostock-israel .

Some images from our archive
Hamer Tribe Ethiopia

Karo tribesmen

Mursi tribesmen

Tanzania, Datoga tribe

Hadza AKA Hadzabe Tribe


Padaung Karen woman

Well, we have so many more, I will have to continue in a future post
So, To Be Continued.......

Have a great weekend
Ilan Rosen

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